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Public Auto Insurance

Public Auto InsuranceI’m not going to lie, owning a car is expensive. Not only do we have to worry about gas, parking, tolls, repairs, and maintenance, we have to buy pricey auto insurance. For those of you who cannot afford the high cost of auto insurance, you might feel hopeless and think that there’s nothing you can do. Think again! The government actually offers some low cost automobile insurance plans (depending on your area).
Basic auto insurance is required by law in all 50 states. The government requires that all drivers have at least some form of liability insurance (to protect other drivers if you crash into them). Although all states require you to buy auto insurance, premium rates differ state by state.
It’s no secret that we all have the option of purchasing insurance from a private provider. We’ve all heard of Geico, Allstate, and Progressive. But sometimes, these companies are just too expensive. This is why there is government public auto insurance. Those with low income or disabilities might qualify for these options. These public options may come from either the federal government or local governments.
Let’s take a look at some public auto insurance options from around the country:
Your state may or may not have a public auto insurance option. For more information regarding this issue, it’s best to check with your local DMV. Often times, even if there is not any government sponsored auto insurance program, there is at least some type of government assistance you can receive. When it doubt, just ask.
With the recent health care debate in the United States, many have questioned whether or not the government should provide auto insurance as well. As private insurance rates continue to rise, Americans are beginning to ask whether or not public is the way to go. Although no move has been made by congress to bring a public auto insurance bill into legislation, people are talking about it. Expect to hear more about this issue in the political arena in the near future. Also expect to see more and more local and state insurance options popping up.
If there is no government run auto insurance program in your area, don’t sweat it. Insurance prices these days aren’t as burdening as they once were. A thriving car insurance market in recent years has kept rates competitive for consumers. There are also many internet sites out there (including this one) that allow customers to compare insurance quotes to find the cheapest option.
If you do not qualify for public insurance, do not have public insurance in your state, or are still on the fence about obtaining public insurance, why not give our insurance quote tool a try? To get started, enter your zip code in the box above. You will then be asked to fill out a brief three page questionnaire. Following completion, you will be given car insurance rates from the top insurance providers.
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